SmartRF05EB not detected by zboss_sniffer

Added by Vincent Havard about 5 years ago

I am trying to use zboss_sniffer with Wireshark. I have Flash a SmartRF05EB with the .hex file given in the package.

However when I start the zboss_sniffer, it does not detect the SmartRF05EB (see zboss_sniffer device list image).
For information I show you the device manager. The SmartRF appears in the "Cebal controlled device" (see SmartRF05EB Windows 7 device manager).
!SmartRF05EB Windows 7 device manager!

Have you got an idea on the issue that I encounter?

Thank you,

2014-05-27_17h22_09.jpg - SmartRF05EB Windows 7 device manager (167.9 kB)

2014-05-27_17h23_53.jpg - zboss_sniffer device list (55.6 kB)

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RE: SmartRF05EB not detected by zboss_sniffer - Added by DSR Support almost 5 years ago


Sorry for the late reply.
ZBOSS Sniffer installed on SmartRF05EB doesn't communicate with PC via USB. It uses RS-232. So you should connect your board to PC via RS-232 (don't plug off USB, it's used to power the device). You can use either COM-to-COM or COM-to-USB cable (if your PC doesn't have COM port). After having connected devices, select the proper COM port from the list in the ZBOSS Sniffer GUI application.

RE: SmartRF05EB not detected by zboss_sniffer - Added by sachin maganti over 3 years ago


Thanks for the information, can you please let me know as to which RS-232 port you are using to write and read from the USB Dongle(which api is exposed).

Can you also kindly let me know as to the communication flow between the application and the USB Dongle which will be of great help.

Thanks in advance

Sachin maganti