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Added by Isabel Cardenas 11 months ago


I am starting with Zboos Network Simulator. I am trying to execute the start up test, I run the but I got an error: line 96: zdo_zc file or directory not found. What can I do? I don't know if I am missing some step. I just run the file to see what happens.

Thank you

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RE: Start up test - Added by DSR Support 11 months ago

Hello Isabel,
Looks like you are trying to run precompiled binaries from "ZBOSS Network simulator for Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit" package.
This issue may occur when your host system is x86-64. To avoid this, please try to download full sources ("ZBOSS v1.0 source code as a single zip"), and compile it with

ln -s build-configurations/Options-linux-debug Options
ln -s build-configurations/Platform-linux Platform
make rebuild

Also it may be needed to additionally install libpcap-dev, g++ and libxml2-dev (if not installed).

After the successful compilation, try to run tests/zdo_startup test (this is the same example as you are trying to run).

RE: Start up test - Added by Isabel Cardenas 10 months ago

I get this error while building
dump_converter.c:71:23: fatal error: pcap/pcap.h: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
compilation terminated.

I installed libcap-dev, g++ and libxml2-dev

RE: Start up test - Added by Isabel Cardenas 10 months ago

Soryy, the libpcap-dev was not installed right