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When I open the pcap files in Wireshark, it says that the packets are malformed or have Bad FCS. I downloaded Wireshark directly from your webpage, the one that is supossed to support ZBOSS. The pcaps files I am reading, are from the test files provided by you. What do you suggest me to do?

Thank you

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Please try the following in your Wireshark:
Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> IEEE 802.15.4 and check "TI CC24XX FCS Format".

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I am running tests/zdo_startup case on ubuntu16.04, following your advice to set Wireshark, but it doesn't work. Packets are still malformed or have Bad FCS.
Any other advice?

Thank you

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Could you, please, provide us the .pcap and probably .dump files you have troubles with?

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By the way, I correct some compiling error as follows:

include/zb_transport_linux_pipes.h line:104
-#define ZB_TRY_IO() (zb_mac_wait_for_ext_event(), RET_OK)
+#define ZB_TRY_IO() (zb_mac_wait_for_ext_event())

common/zb_address.c line:573

include/zb_ns3.h line:88
-#define ZB_TRANSCEIVER_SET_CHANNEL(channel_number) (MAC_CTX().current_channel = channel_number, 0)
+#define ZB_TRANSCEIVER_SET_CHANNEL(channel_number) (MAC_CTX().current_channel = channel_number)

Hope it can help.

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Sorry to miss the files.

20123.dump (5.7 kB)

20316.dump (5.7 kB)

c.pcap (9.4 kB)

ze.pcap (9.4 kB)

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Thank you for your report.
The problem is in the dump_converter. We'll provide an updated version soon and let you know.