customer profile, can not get APS payload

Added by dapeng xu about 1 year ago

Hi Zboss:
Now I use Nordicsemi multiprotocol SOC NRF52840 as a cordinator(several devices that from different factory will join the PAN)。
Most part of the devices can join the network and do operations correctly.
But there are two types of device that have issues: one can not join the PAN; another can join it, but coordinator's application layer can not get the APS payload.
Device can not join the network: shortID: 0x41F8, device message: 0x0006, but I can not get the "match descriptor request"
Device can join network, but can not get APS payload: (customer/private profile: 0xc105),shortID:0X6368, not ZCL,
device message 0x0012,cordinator can not get multistate input(basic)

52840_all_device.cubx - zigbee data from sniffer (88 kB)

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RE: customer profile, can not get APS payload - Added by Anonymous about 1 year ago

Hello Dapeng Xu,

Thank you for contacting us. I suppose your question relates to Nordic SDK using. If it so, we would recommend you send the question to Nordic’s tech support: