Porting to new hardware

Added by Haim Gaddasi 6 months ago

Hello, I’m trying to examine if the ZBoss would be applicable for our system. We use currently use Digi products (XBee/XBee Pro) for communication we would like to use an existing design based on the ATSAMD51G19A for a CPU and the AT86RF212B for RF. I’ve read the replays to ‘m baker’ and its very helpful but I still have some questions.
a. I’m going to use Eclips with GNU toolchain, is there a ZBoss sample I can use? All I’ve found was an IAR sample and I wouldn’t like to start converting projects…
b. I probably missing something but how can I control the transmitter and send/receive packet using the UART? Is there CLI in the packet I missing?
c. I’m using the XCTU with XBee, is there a similar application for the ZBoss?

Thanks in advance.