Traces and traffic dump

Added by yves teissier almost 8 years ago


I've successfully built the End Device and coordinator firmware on the SmartRF05EB
evaluation board (SoC = CC2530).

I have notice that in the coordinator side when I disable the traces and the traffic dump (undef ZB_TRACE_LEVEL
and ZB_TRAFFIC_DUMP_ON) the callback function "data_indication" is not called.

Can I disable both traces and traffic dump in same time?


Yves Teissier

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RE: Traces and traffic dump - Added by Denis Akopov almost 8 years ago

Hi Yves,

Yes, it's possilbe to disable both traffic dump and trace messages. But as far as I remember, we didn't test this configuration with TI Chips.
Is association passed normally with these settings?


RE: Traces and traffic dump - Added by yves teissier over 7 years ago

Yes the association is OK and I can send messages to the coordinator when
traces and dump are enabled.

I have also another question:
-Have you try to join a ZBOSS End device a TI ZStack coordinator ?
-The End Device send with success message to the coordinator but after the third message sent the coordinator seems
to by crashed... In debug mode I have seen a message "XStack is filled at 100%".


RE: Traces and traffic dump - Added by Denis Akopov over 7 years ago

Does it mean that association is OK without trace/dump?

And about your questions:
1. Yes, we did it. As well as we have a dozen of different interoperability tests.
2. IAR is a great tool, so, you could check ZStack stack usage for idle stack, and if it's above 80% - the simpliest way is to increase it. Or you can try to
find the reason of such behavior by analyzing your ZStack application and ZStack settings as well. I'm not sure about latest ZStack, but previously we had to add some tuning to ZStack (but I think you've done it already, because you can join). I can provide some of these tests to you, if you're interested in interoperability with TI.

RE: Traces and traffic dump - Added by yves teissier over 7 years ago

The association is not OK without traces and dump.

1. We are in relation with Schneider electric and Schneider electric is using the TI ZStack for their developments.
So the main target is to be communicate with ZSTack coordinator.

I accept with pleasure your proposition to send me some tests with TI ZStack.
This is my e-mail:

2. In fact the coordinator was with ZBOSS. I'm working on...