Generic coordinator implementation

Added by John Ossenfort over 7 years ago

Our group is looking into implementations of the ZigBee coordinator that provide generic ZigBee packet passing capability. The idea is that the coordinator would act as a sink for some application on the IP network side, and be able to pass data from different ZigBee vendor implementations. Is there any work being done to provide that type of capability? Have you heard of such an implementation?

On a similar note, I noticed that ZBoss provides functionality with TI2530 boards; Have you tested using the Digi line of products (XBee and XBee PRO)?

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RE: Generic coordinator implementation - Added by Denis Akopov over 7 years ago

Hello John,

  • Well, I don't know ready-to-use solution for forwarding ZigBee packets to the IP network, but for ZBOSS it can be easily done by using built-in traffic dump functionality. For each supported platform all inbound/outbound traffic can be saved to .dump file (with very simple binary structure) and then if needed converted to wireshark .pcap file using dump_converter utility which is provided with ZBOSS. I think for prototype you can use command-line wireshark interface to filter packets that you need to forward and all further actions is up to your application.
  • Yes, ZBOSS works with CC2530 from the box.
  • Unfortunately, I don't have a chance to try XBee solutions. And for the first glance these transceivers looks quite high-power-consuming for 802.15.4. Porting to the Xbee doesn't looks very complex, because work with UART and SPI transports already implemented in the ZBOSS.