Stack configuration

Most stack features are configured at compile time using C preprocessor (conditional compilation).
Configuration parameters are numbers, such as timeout constants and table sizes, and conditions that switch on or off some source code parts.

All configuration parameters are located in zb_config.h. Some configuration parameters are combined into groups. There are the following main groups:
  • platform: Linux/PC, Linux/ARM, 8051
  • hardware: real transceiver or network simulator
  • device role: ZC/ZR/ZE

See stack/include/zb_config.h for details.

To switch some branch on/off in zb_config.h, specific macro definitions must be defined in the compiler's command line. These definitions are put into build system files.

Compile-time definitions

Compile-time definitions are more actual for Keil build than for a Linux build: they are changed more often. By convention, instead of removing a definition, add 'x' letter to its beginning.

DEBUG – some additional run-time checks. Do not use it for 8051
ZB_PLATFORM_8051_SIM - must be always defined for 8051
KEIL - must be always defined for 8051
C8051F120 – must be defined for UZ2400, must be undefined for UZ2410
ZB_UZ2410 – must be defined for UZ2410, must be undefined for UZ2400
ZB_UZ2410_256 – must be defined for UZ2410 with 256k ROM, must be undefined for UZ2410 with 64k ROM
ZB_TRACE_LEVEL=2 – must be defined to switch on trace, must be undefined to exclude trace
ZB_NS_BUILD – must defined for simulator build without adapter, must be undefined for HW build
ZB_DBG_NO_IDLE – do not go sleep when idle. Must be defined for UZ2410, do not care for UZ2400
ZB_TRAFFIC_DUMP_ON – define it to enable internal traffic dump, undefine to disable traffic dump
ZB_TEXT_ONLY_TRACE – if defined, use text-only trace, no traffic dump or win_
com_dump utility usage possible. Depreciated.
ZB_ED_ROLE – define it to build ZED, undefine to build ZR or ZC
ZB_SECURITY – define it to include security feature. Usually defined.
ZB_USE_NVRAM – define it to read some parameters from NVRAM. Usually undefined.
ZB_NVRAM_WRITE_CFG – define it to write into NVRAM. Usually undefined.

Example of definition set for UZ2410/256 build for ZC/ZR, with traffic dump and security, without debug trace:


Also, need additional configuration to switch between UZ2400 and UZ2410 builds in Keil.

For UZ2410/256:
  • Devices->Mentor Graphics Co->M8051EW
  • Target->Code banking->8
  • C51->Define → xC8051F120 ZB_UZ2410 ZB_UZ2410_256
  • A51->Misc Controls->DEFINE (ZB_UZ2410_256)
For UZ2410/64:
  • Devices ->Mentor Graphics Co ->M8051EW
  • Target->Code banking->unset
  • C51->Define → xC8051F120 ZB_UZ2410 xZB_UZ2410_256
  • A51->Misc Controls->DEFINE (xZB_UZ2410_256)
For UZ2400:
  • Devices ->Silicon Laborotories, inc. ->C8051F124
  • Target->Code banking->4
  • C51->Define → C8051F120 xZB_UZ2410 xZB_UZ2410_256
  • A51->Misc Controls->DEFINE (xZB_UZ2410_256)

See also file zb_config.h