For Developers

DSR Corporation is open to collaboration in ZigBee® technologies development. Nowadays ZigBee® is growing faster – the standard is modified to improve flexibility, new profiles are added, existing ones are adopted to comply with, and market demands and provides better interoperability. Having an open source ZigBee® stack solution is the first step in getting familiar with ZigBee® technology and providing a way to share information within the community of ZigBee® adopters.

Technical Info

For a better understanding of the ZBOSS v1.0 stack's design, please refer to Architecture Key Moments document.
For the full feature list, please refer to the certification PICS document. This document describes which capabilities and options must be implemented to comply with the ZigBee® standard.

Hardware Setup

The ZBOSS v1.0 stack currently supports two ZigBee® chipsets: the Texas Instruments’ TI CC253x and UBEC’s UBEC 2400, UBEC 2410.

To utilize ZBOSS v1.0 with these chipsets, simply download the ZBOSS stack and tools, load it up on your TI or UBEC-silicon based development boards, and begin your development efforts.
The complete ZBOSS v1.0 package for TI SoC CC253x is available here: ZBOSS v1.0 for TI SoC CC253x [ZBOSS_v1.0_ti_cc253x_bin.tar.gz]
Alternatively, ZBOSS v1.0 may be run on x86 Linux using ZBOSS Network simulator (no real radio/hardware is needed in this case).

To build ZigBee® base application for the listed platforms follow the instructions specified in the following guide: Build Instructions.
To simplify the first attempt, please use the ready-to-execute packages for TI SoC CC253x and for Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit.

To use UBEC hardware, please contact UBEC and order the appropriate development kit.
To use TI hardware, please contact TI and order the appropriate development kit.

DSR Corporation can assist in your company’s ZigBee® product development efforts with:
  • product engineering support
  • ZBOSS stack porting services
  • additional profile development
  • ongoing support and maintenance services

To inquire about additional services and details, please send an email to .

ZBOSS Build Instructions

For instructions on building the ZBOSS stack, please download the following guide: Build Instructions.

ZBOSS API Documentation

ZBOSS API Documentation is available online or for download. API documentation is generated using Doxygen.