What is ZBOSS?

The main goal of ZigBee® standards is to help product manufacturers produce green, smart products that control and improve customers’ everyday activities. Unfortunately, product interoperability challenges have interfered with this goal.

To answer the challenges of interoperability, and in the spirit of the open source movement, a team of software developers from DSR Corporation and key partners ClarIDy and UBEC created ZBOSS: the ZigBee® Open Source Stack.

What is ZBOSS v1.0?

As the first open-source ZigBee® protocol stack certified by the ZigBee® Alliance, ZBOSS v1.0 is the key to solving interoperability problems for the global manufacturing and research communities.
  • ZBOSS v1.0 is a high-performance, small memory footprint, cross-platform solution, certified on ZigBee® adapters from partner companies.
  • The ZBOSS v1.0 stack architecture minimizes retransmits and packet loss, and operates with chipsets from multiple semiconductor suppliers (including Texas Instruments’ TI CC25xx and UBEC’s UBEC 2400, UBEC 2410).
  • ZBOSS v1.0 is currently available for use on Linux and “OS-less” (scheduler-based) platforms.

Download ZBOSS v1.0

Compliance and Interoperability

  • ZBOSS v1.0 is compliant with the ZigBee® 2007 (ZigBee® feature set) specification. ZigBee® 2012 PRO feature set is supported by the next ZigBee® stack implementation version - ZBOSS v2.0.
  • ZBOSS v1.0 has been tested running on 8051-based MCU designs against ARM-based devices running the Ember Stack. This configuration also communicates perfectly with the Texas Instruments’ Z-Stack™ implementation.
  • ZBOSS v1.0 has also been tested running on ARM-based devices against Texas Instruments’ Z-Stack™ implementations running the TI CC2530 (8051 MCU).


DSR Corporation offers the ZBOSS v1.0 open source ZigBee® protocol stack under a “dual licensing” model as follows:
  • ZBOSS v1.0 open source ZigBee® protocol stack is released under GPL license.
  • ZBOSS v1.0 Commercial license is obtained from DSR Corporation.

What is ZBOSS v2.0?

ZBOSS v2.0 extends features and functionality provided by the first version of ZBOSS and is now being rapidly adopted in the market.
  • ZBOSS v2.0 supports ZigBee® 2012 (ZigBee® PRO feature set).
  • ZBOSS v2.0 supports several ZigBee® profiles: ZigBee® Home Automation v1.2, ZigBee® Light Link, and ZigBee® Green Power.
  • ZBOSS v2.0 is certified by the ZigBee® Alliance and supports multiple hardware platforms, including 8051, ARM Cortex M3, and ARM Cortex M4.

For more information about ZBOSS v2.0, please visit DSR-wireless site.