What is ZBOSS Network Simulator?

The ZBOSS open source initiative includes tools to streamline development and debugging tasks.

The ZBOSS Network Simulator runs on a single Linux PC and provides stack interconnections with no additional hardware. It acts as a hub interconnecting virtual devices each running stack instances. It can be used to develop new and custom profiles before porting them to a target platform.

The ZBOSS Network Simulator can also imitate large networks - a difficult task to perform even when hardware is available.

The result is a simple, inexpensive environment for distributing stack logic development across a team with limited hardware device availability.

Download ZBOSS Network Simulator

For Developers

ZBOSS Network simulator is a development and debug tool that supports the communication
between ZBOSS stacks running on Linux desktop PC. ZBOSS stack should be compiled with ZB_NS_BUILD define in order to use the Network Simulator. In this case ZBOSS will use Linux pipes as mac transport.
Network simulator is the command line Linux application. Its command line has the following format:
./network_simulator --nNode=<nodes_number> [–pipeName=<pipe_name_prefix>] [--xgml=<xgml_file_name>]
In this case:
  • nNode specifies the number of virtual devices (running stack instances);
    pipeName specifies the Network simulator pipes name prefix and should be used when more thean
  • one instance of Network Simulator is running (for example, several tests).
    xgml specifies the xgml document containing the description of the network devices' visibility
  • areas.

For additional information about ZBOSS Network Simulator in ZBOSS Network Simulator, see the export:User#Manual:ZBOSS_NS_User_Manual.pdf