ZBOSS v1.0 Release Notes

This version of ZBOSS v1.0 is an important release for both stack development and customers as well. The new release contains many significant changes, including new platforms support, IAR compiler support, completely refactored MAC layer, and many other improvements and changes.
  • New Platforms
    TI CC253x – added support for a Texas Instruments SoC. The stack is tested with CC2530, but it could be running on other chips of TI cc253x family with minor tweaks. In addition, usage of hardware AES encryption/decryption was added to maximize stack performance..
  • Compiler support
    IAR EW8051 – added support for IAR compiler. Compiling using IAR can help save up to 30% of code memory due to very efficient optimization routines provided by IAR for 8051 core. However, Keil can still be used in addition to GCC for Network Simulator.
  • Mac Layer Refactoring
    Mac layer of ZBOSS v1.0 got streamlined with added flexibility for further porting. In addition, this change improves the overall performance, code size, and stability. Initially designed state machine is completely removed and replaced by a callback-driven mechanism.
  • Minor changes
    Many of less significant changes were made during refactoring, porting and adding an IAR support.
    New version of manual acknowledgments and retransmission were added. It can be used with Network Simulator, TI SoC's, and any other chips that do not support autoacks.
    Transmitting collision detecting has been slightly improved.
    Some global code refactoring was performed to reduce code size and RAM usage.
    Minor changes for reducing call nesting were also added.